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  • American English — US English redirects here. For the political organization, see U.S. English (organization). For other uses, see American English (disambiguation). English language prevalence in the United States. Darker shades of blue indicate higher… …   Wikipedia

  • celeb — (suh.LEB) v. 1. To have many celebrities in attendance. 2. To send a picture of a celebrity whose name is a rhyming slang code word. 3. To use one s celebrity status to promote a product or cause. Also: cause celeb. Example Citations: TOM JONES… …   New words

  • dipstick — (DIP.stik) v. To take the measure of a person or a situation. Also: dip stick. Example Citation: In public, Secretary Powell, the four star general turned diplomat, has done what he always does: soldier on, shaping his commander s policies as… …   New words

  • showroom — v. To use a retail store to view and research a product and then purchase the product for less money online. showrooming pp. Example Citations: According to Codex Group, a book audience research firm in New York, people use their neighborhood… …   New words

  • Alt-Tab — v. To switch from one running computer program to another. (From the Alt Tab key combination that cycles through running programs in Windows.) Example Citations: On a recent morning I was toiling away, when my PC began talking not something I… …   New words

  • Amazon — v. To take away business from a more established rival by being the first to build an online presence. Example Citation: Although [ CEO Jeff] Bezos emphasizes his obsession with the customer and plays down his concern with rivals, the… …   New words

  • Bork — v. To attack a political opponent in a particularly vicious, partisan manner. Example Citation: With similar regret, other Capitol Hill veterans insist there truly were better times of partisan disputation focused on ideas before to Bork was… …   New words

  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete — (kun.trohl awlt duh.LEET) idiom. A metaphoric mechanism with which one can reset, restart, or rethink something. v. Example Citations: It s time to hit Ctrl Alt Delete on the computerized Bowl Championship Series. Or should we now call it the… …   New words

  • Dell — v. To beat a competitor by eliminating the middleman and selling directly to customers. Example Citation: Ted Rybeck, chairman of consultants Benchmarking Partners, is warning that Delling could spread to the car, chemicals and banking sectors.… …   New words

  • Floridization — (flow.ruh.di.ZAY.shun) n. Having a rapidly increasing percentage of senior citizens in the population of a specific geographical area. (Also: Floridisation.) Example Citation: Although the percentage and the sheer volume of elders and people with …   New words

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